In todays manufacturing landscape, the importance of quality cannot be understated. Towards this, ZFPL have continually invested in world class checking equipment to match our machining capabilities. We understand the criticality of transmission parts, where every micron has an impact on the finished part and thus, the performance of the gearbox.

With the world moving rapidly towards electro mobility, where gear noise metrics are more critical than ever before, we have committed to having best in class checking equipment from Klingelnberg to not only track the lead and profile of our gears, but also to understand the importance of gear noise and eliminate it to every extent possible.



  1. Metal Spectroscope
  2. Optical Microscope
  3. Microscope with Image Analyser
  4. Spectrometer
  5. Magnaflux for crack detection
  6. Impact Testing Machine
  7. Ultrasonic Flaw Detection
  8. Tensile Testing Machine



  1. Klingelnberg P40 Gear Inspection machine with 3D Probe head
  2. LINKS 3040A CNC Gear Inspection machine
  3. Maag P60 Gear Inspection machine
  4. Coordinate measurement machines with optical measurement
  5. Gear Roll testers
  6. Digital Height Gauges
  7. Digital Verniers
  8. Digital Micrometers
  9. Surface Roughness Tester
  10. Bench Center
  11. Pneumatic Gauges for accurate bore measurement