Zenith Forge is a leading manufacturer of gears in India.

The company has been in operation for over 50 years and has a strong reputation for quality and reliability. Our transmission machining division prides itself on the use of world class gear cutting equipment including:

  • CNC Gear Tooth Profile grinding machine from Liebherr
  • 6 Axis CNC Hobbing machines from Liebherr/Gleason Pfauter
  • 7 axis CNC Shaper machines from Liebherr/Lorenz/Fellows
  • CNC Spline cold rolling machine from Mag Ex-Cell-O (capable of rolling splines upto 2 module)
  • 60ton CNC dual station helical broaching machine from FORST
  • Gear Bore Hard Turning/Grinding processing centres from Buderus
  • CNC Bore Honing machines
  • CNC Combination milling machines from Prawema for Sliding Sleeve machining
  • Shaft straightening machines
  • CNC Cylindrical Grinding machines (straight and angular)
  • CNC Face Grinding machines

… and many more

Gears and Shafts

Cylindrical parallel axis gears and transmission shafts (mainshaft and Layshaft) form the core of our manufacturing capabilities. They are produced on world class CNC gear cutting machines, case carburized in Ipsen sealed quench furnaces, and ground on CNC tooth grinding machines to give us complete ownership across the manufacturing value chain. In addition, we have a Klingelnberg P40 CNC gear inspection machine to augment this capacity and ensure that every specification is inspected prior to supply.

All our parts are laser marked, and complete traceability is available from raw material procurement to finished machining processes. Bar code marking has also recently been introduced for easier traceability of our part manufacturing.


Synchroniser Parts

In addition to our gears and shafts, we have multiple lines for synchroniser parts – cones, hubs and sleeves. Our tooth chamfering for these parts are done on world class Prawema machines to ensure smooth engagement of our cones and sleeves that facilitate gear shifting.

Since these parts are thin-walled and prone to excess distortion in heat treatment, our synchronizer lines are equipped with Rotary hearth furnaces with an automatic quench press that aids with reducing distortion in gear profile (particularly Fr metrics).

Our sleeves are produced on a Prawema combination milling machine that is able to complete the entire bore processing (shifter stop milling, tooth chamfering and block teeth milling) in a single setup/clamping.

We produce roughly 120,000 synchronizer parts per month for leading OEMs in the commercial vehicle segment.