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Auto Cad : Uni graphics for Solid Modeling and NC Programming

How we do it!

  • Study a part based on customer’s drawings using a combination of simulation software and personal experience
  • Study optimisation during technical review sign off stage – exploring opportunities to optimise product design/lightweighting/value engineering exercises with the customer.
  • Work along with the customer to develop a new product using concept of changing geometry or functional principle along with material.


ZFPL has capacity to forge 12,000MT per annum

Job Weight Range:

1.Closed Die Forging 2 kg to 45kg

ZFPL has atmospheric controlled sealed quench furnaces for case hardening of parallel axis cylindrical gears, Rotary Hearth Furnaces and automated press quenching equipment for processing of thin-walled synchroniser and bearing parts.Distortion is controlled by the help of incredibly stable atmospheres within the furnace chamber, coupled with necessary SCADA systems to monitor all variation metrics.

State-of-the-art hardening and tempering furnaces are PLC controlled and have integral graphic recorder to control hardness and microstructure. 


  1. Normalizing
  2. ISO thermal Annealing
  3. Hardening & Tempering
  4. Sealed Quench Furnaces for case hardening
  5. Automated Press Quenching


In todays manufacturing landscape, the importance of quality cannot be understated. Towards this, ZFPL have continually invested in world class checking equipment to match our machining capabilities. We understand the criticality of transmission parts, where every micron has an impact on the finished part and thus, the performance of the gearbox.

With the world moving rapidly towards electro mobility, where gear noise metrics are more critical than ever before, we have committed to having best in class checking equipment from Klingelnberg to not only track the lead and profile of our gears, but also to understand the importance of gear noise and eliminate it to every extent possible.


  1. Metal Spectroscope
  2. Optical Microscope
  3. Microscope with Image Analyser
  4. Spectrometer
  5. Magnaflux for crack detection
  6. Impact Testing Machine
  7. Ultrasonic Flaw Detection
  8. Tensile Testing Machine

Geometry TESTING

  1. Klingelnberg P40 Gear Inspection machine with 3D Probe head
  2. LINKS 3040A CNC Gear Inspection machine
  3. Maag P60 Gear Inspection machine
  4. Coordinate measurement machines with optical measurement
  5. Gear Roll testers
  6. Digital Height Gauges
  7. Digital Verniers
  8. Digital Micrometers
  9. Surface Roughness Tester
  10. Bench Center
  11. Pneumatic Gauges for accurate bore measurement



ZFPL has, over the course of the last decade, built appreciable capacities to cut and finish transmission parts, particularly in the 4-5 module range. Catering primarily to the commercial vehicle segment, our gears are cut within extremely precise and critical tolerances upto DIN 6 levels. Our gear cutting department is equipped with state-of-the-art gear cutting machines from Liebherr, Gleason-Pfauter, Prawema, Arthur Klink, Lorenz, Forst, Kanzaki, Hurth, and other renowned manufacturers of gear cutting equipment.

Broadly, our transmission business is segmented into 3 product families, each of which have their own manufacturing lines in our Machining Unit:

  1. Parallel Axis Cylindrical Gears
    – CNC turning
    -CNC Hobbing for external gears
    – CNC Gear shaping for dog-teeth and internal splines
    -CNC Dual chamfering
    -Milling/Drilling of oil pockets for lubrication
    -Gear Shaving or Gear Grinding
    -Bore/ID Grinding or Hard part turning
    -Bore honing
  2. Synchroniser Parts (Cones, Hubs, and Sleeves)
    – CNC Turning
    – Internal Spline Broaching
    – For Sleeves- combination machining of shifter stops, roofing/tooth chamfering, and oil pocket milling within the internal spline on Prawema machine
    – Tooth chamfering on Prawema SFSL2-1/R machines
    – Oil pocket milling/Crescent milling for lubrication within gear shifting mechanism
    – Slotting/Milling of synchro hubs for indent spring fitment, used during gear shifting
  3. Transmission Shafts (Mainshaft, Layshaft, Input shaft)
    – CNC Turning
    – Deep hole drilling for throughout lubrication of 9S Mainshaft
    -CNC Hobbing on 6 Axis gear cutting equipment
    – CNC Gear Shaping for external splines
    – Linear and angular drills for lubration
    – Dual chamfering of gear teeth


While the primary focus of ZFPL has always been in the transmission vertical, in 2011 we seized the opportunity to develop some parts in the axle and engine segments as well- which has grown appreciably over the years. Coupled with the addition of some general engineering product lines to renowned PSU’s, our vision of diversifying our portfolio to 25% in non-transmission verticals by 2024 remains intact!

The machining for these family of parts usually involves, 3 axis, 4 axis or 5-axis machining on vertical, horizontal, or universal machining centres.

This family of parts comprises the following:

  1. Engine Pitman arms
  2. Steering Arms and Levers
  3. Track Rod Levers
  4. Axle support sleeves
  5. Axle Helical Gears
  6. Tie Rod Arms
  7. Relay Arms
  8. Male Eye Lugs