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Zenith Forge was founded in the year 1967 in the automobile hub of Jamshedpur as an ancillary to TELCO, who at that time manufactured trucks under license from Mercedes-Benz.

That relationship has since grown into a multi-product facility manufacturing finished machined gears, components for propeller shafts and axles.

Today we have a battery of hammers and presses capable of forging small components from ½ kilograms right up to 6 MT hammers capable of forging up to 50 kg finished weight. Modern heat treatment facilities provide us with hardening and tempering (water, oil or polymer quenched), iso-annealing, and normalizing capabilities.

In addition, our forge division is complemented with machining facilities to deliver finished components. Operations such as turning, milling, hobbing, broaching, shaping, spot facing, chamfering, drifting, shaving etc. are done in house on CNC machines or VMCs.

Consistent equipment and plant modernizations have enabled Zenith Forge to keep it’s focus on quality and customer satisfaction, and is certified as per ISO 9001:2000. In our continual improvement of quality systems, we are committed to being QS16949 certified by March 2008.

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